— What is Chain Printer and Uses in India? —

Chain printer is an output device which provides us a print copy on the letterhead. chain printer is a device which provides us soft copy to hard copy with the help of a computer. It is a very good device for printing purpose. This printer is mostly used in industry. These chain printers have two types:


2.Non Impact

3.Band Printer

Impact chain printer:

Impact chain printer is a very important device. these devices leave an impact on the letterhead so that reason these are called chain printer.

Non-Impact Chain Printer.
This printer also called dot matrix printer. these printers are very hard to type printer. But the print quality of this printer is very bad so that's a reason people do not prefer this non-impact chain printer.

Chain printer is a topmost usable device in India. These printers have a strong hardware so that's a reason people prefer this printer. These printer work leser technique. These printers are also the portable device.

Band Printer:
These type printer also a good chain printer. This printer also works like a chain printer device. This printer is very popular in Indian market. Most people use it in shops for bill purpose.

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